How To Stuff a Pressure Cooker with Stuffed Peppers

Most people probably would not think to cook stuffed peppers in a pressure cooker but the truth of the matter is: pressure cookers are a great way to make the somewhat complicated dish with ease.

Cooking stuffed peppers in a pressure cooker is also a great way to easily spice the dish up.

Pressure Cooker

Below are Some Tips to Make this Recipe with Ease

Cook with cabbage or another leafy green vegetable. You might want to line the bottom of the pressure cooker with cabbage. This prevents burning and sticking, not to mention this step really brings out the flavor of the dish.

Add tomato juice and water in the bottom of the cooker. This makes a juice that penetrates the pepper and tastes wonderful.

If adding cheese on top of the pepper, be sure to do this at the end. Some people like to top the stuffed pepper with cheese. When doing this, be sure you don’t add the cheese too soon because the cheese will be soggy and greasy. This is hardly appealing when eating a stuffed pepper.

Be sure to stuff the peppers loosely. Over stuffing of the pepper can cause the pepper to crack, break or burst when the pressure builds. This causes a horrible mess when cooking in an enclosed space such as a pressure cooker which makes it hard to salvage the remaining peppers as well as clean up.

Brush the peppers with melted butter. When brushing the peppers with melted butter, this enhances the flavor of the pepper and helps prevent burning of the skin on the pepper. This small step also keeps the skin of the pepper moist which allows for more flexibility of the pepper while it is cooking.

Precooking the ingredients can make the process much easier when using a pressure cooker. If you cook the ingredients prior to stuffing the pepper it takes less time for the pepper to cook and soften in the pressure cooker.

A stuffed pepper with raw ingredients has to cook both the ingredients and the pepper itself, rather than a stuffed pepper with cooked, or at least “browned” ingredients. This step saves several hours when cooking with a pressure cooker if you are working on a time budget.

Vary your ingredients. If the ingredients include rice, make sure to include another ingredient that produces liquid such as corn or ground beef. This ensures that the rice stays moist and prevents burning and sticking. It also tastes yummy.

If these tips are practiced, it will be no time before pressure cooked stuffed peppers become an all time favorite. Don’t forget the most important step: Enjoy!


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